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The Airboggan: like your childhood toboggan, but much more comfortable, fun, safe, big, lightweight, easy to carry, easy to store... Ok, so it's nothing like your childhood toboggan. It's better in every way possible.

The Airboggan is made of insanely durable dropstitch material, the same material used on the flooring of inflatable military-grade rafts and rugged standup paddle boards. It is not only built for performance and comfort, but it is also built to last.

Get air and land on a thick cushion of air under a padded seat! Just send it on the world's only rugged inflatable toboggan! deflates to a small size Inflates to big, comfy fun for many riders at once!

If you don't already have a pump compatible with high pressure inflatable valves (Halkey Roberts valves), be sure to pick one up here

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