Wake Foamie Micromal 5'0"
Based off the El Guapo shape, the MicroMal is the ultimate board for cruising and showing off your style. The micro dot foam deck has the ultimate grip to get those toes over the nose and the single fin box...
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Reign Wakesurf Board (2021)
Jake Caster needed something light, fast and maneuverable… so his pro model, the Reign, was developed for just that.  This high performance skim shape incorporates our lightweight AeroCore technology.  This board features a precision CNC’d lightweight PVC core with two...
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Primo Wakesurf Board (2021)
The Primo features a wider tail for sharper, more pivotal turns and the crisper channels offer better hold throughout your surf. A single center fin for the classic Skim feel or Twin fin for the hybrid surf feel, It’s up...
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Keen Wakesurf Board
Austin needs a fast, light, catch free skim shape for hijacking wakes, busting big airs, and massive wake slashes and the Keen is just that board.  A precision milled EPS foam core is topped with a carbon innegra deck making...
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Sting Wakesurf Board (2021)
This single concave hull board features a large wing, or break, just at the base of the side fins creating a distinctive pivot point. The pivot point is further enhanced by a concave slot running underneath the wing  to add...
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Primo LTD Wakesurf Board w/ Footstraps (2021)
The Primo LTD is the board for you whether you’ve been surfing for years or just learning.   This board features a wider tail for sharper, more pivotal turns and the crisper channels offer better hold throughout your surf. A single...
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Rocket Wakesurf Board (2021)
Our Rocket is an ultra-stable board for the entire boat with a touch of performance.  The winged swallow tail allows for a fuller outline for stability and the single to double concave hull lets you glide effortlessly. Ride this board...
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El Guapo Wakesurf Board (2021)
Taking our fan favorite Fun Unlimited shape from the past few years and putting it into our Durasurf construction, the 2021 El Guapo features our easy to ride long board shape. The full bodied shape and beveled rails allow for...
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Gromi Kid Wakesurf Board (2021)
The Gromi is our pint sized performance skim shape for all the little rippers out there.  The beveled rail edge is catch free which helps with control and learning along with the fuller diamond tip shape for stability.  The single...
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Swami Wakesurf Board (2021)
This compression molded skim shape is designed for performance and fun, just like the wave in Encinitas, CA that it was named after.  This board is for those that want a skim shape without the fragile high performance construction or...
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