Lakesurf, a subsidiary of Wakesurf Edge, LLC, is a growing business dedicated to making the best wakesurfing equipment possible at an affordable price.  It started with a couple of wakesurfers in Southern California (one with a Master's in Mechanical Engineering, the other an attorney, who happen to be married to each other) and has grown to include another partner (another engineer wakeboarder and wakesurfer,) two additional associates, plus other contractors and manufacturing partners. After enjoying the success of creating the best wakeshaper on earth, we entered into a licensing agreement with Liquid Force. Liquid Force has exclusive rights to produce and distribute the Wakesurf Edge line of wake shapers. Lakesurf / Wakesurf Edge will continue to work with Liquid Force in creating the best wakesurfing equipment in the industry, as well as other new and innovative watersports equipment.

Press Release about Wakesurf Edge and Liquid Force:


Wakesurf Edge / Lakesurf

29980 Technology Dr. #9

Murrieta, CA 92563

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