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Slide into fun with this innovative mat that transforms into a slide

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New Lakesurf Mobile App

New Lakesurf Mobile App

Surf at home with the Lakesurf mobile app and a Lakesurf Balance Board.


Wakesurf Balance Board

Wakesurf Balance Board

The fun way to learn tricks at home

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Wakesurf Edge Shapers

Wakesurf Edge Shapers

Award-winning patented wakeshapers

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Lakesurf Products

Slide Island

BRAND NEW patent-pending Inflatable Slide and Mat in One! Easily switch between "Mat Mode" and "Slide Mode", so you can always stay in "Fun Mode!"

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Wakesurf Balance Board

The ONLY balance board designed specifically with wakesurfing in mind. Precision-made with rugged materials for both comfort and longevity, this is the best balance board you've ever ridden.

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Wakesurf Edge Shapers

The award-winning Wakesurf Edge line of wakeshapers was designed by the engineers here at Lakesurf, and Licensed to Liquid Force. Learn why these shapers make a bigger wave than the other shapers out there.

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Weighing in at a fraction of the cost compared to lead or steel bags, Roc Sac is also reusable - dump the rocks for a long trailer haul then fill up again at the lake. We also have the best prices on water bags and pumps.

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Life Jackets

The comfiest and most stylish CGA life vests you'll ever find are right here! These vests bend easily in all the right places.

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Wakesurf Boards

Premium wakesurf boards. As with all of our products, the price is set at or below the lowest price you'll find anywhere.

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Other Gear

Check out protective bags and other boating gear here. Let the world know you rip on a wakesurf board with a Lakesurf shirt!

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Surf Ropes and Handles

Rugged ropes, comfy handles, bright colors, floating ropes... we got you covered. These ropes are built to last.

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These aren't your typical thin, cheap, dime-a-dozen T shirts. These are Gildan Softstyle Ring Spun material for the great comfort, fit, and longevity.

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Winter Gear

Check out the famous Skookum Tube in all it's giant, inflatable, rugged glory! This crazy-rugged tube also works as a personal river raft.

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