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The last tube you'll ever buy. Speed and durability come together in this premium, fast, rugged PVC-coated nylon tube with welded seams. This is the first and only inflatable tube that has been treated on the bottom surface for minimum friction on the snow.
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Not only is this tube designed be be tough and fast on the snow, but it was also designed with floating in mind, so you can you use the best tube ever made year round on the river, lake, pool, or catching waves at the beach! Go send it on the best tube in the world, and the only tube with all of these features:

  • High PSI capability
  • Large and luxurious
  • Stowable (when deflated, fits in 15" x 12" x 10" box)
  • Made of thick PVC-coated 1000 Denier Nylon material
  • Rugged river-raft construction
  • Super strong, comfy, anti-butt-dragging suspended seat
  • Tow point for snowmobile or hand strap
  • Side handles for laying back
  • Front handles for riding prone
  • Kevlar-reinforced handles are tough, but built with a soft squishy center
  • FAST treated base
  • 2 year warraty
  • Great for snow, river, lake, pool, or beach
  • Super fast and built to last

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Skookum Tube
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