Sumo Max 675LB Bow Bag

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Size Guide

675 LBS
50″ x 44″ x 8″
1 x MAX FLOW LINK (For quick fill with Sumo Pump)
4 x 1″ 
NPT (For compatibility with built in ballast systems)
Fits inside or on top of playpen style bows



SUMO still the fastest filling ballast system in the industry! Equipping your boat with SUMO means less time filling and more time riding your massive wake! All SUMO ballast is easy to use, durable and convenient. Sumo ballast is designed to work as a plug ‘n play option with your factory ballast system or on deck with our high speed SUMO pumps. 


The SUMO MAX FLOW valve is a new 1 ½ Inch diameter high flow version of the Sumo LINK™ system. The SUMO MAX Flow valve provides the same hassle free watertight connection to your Sumo Pump but with massive 50% LARGER intake. The Sumo MAX system is 100% compatible with the classic Sumo and Big Bag ballast systems.


The easy turning cap with a perfect water tight seal is pressure tested up to 6 PSI. The 1” NPT ports allow built in ballast systems to fill, as well as drain and vent quickly for hassle free operation.


SUMO Sacs are made with a proprietary flexible and puncture-resistant fabric, “SUMO Skin.” It has a durable 1000D polyester core that is heat laminated to lightweight plastic film skins with a bonding agent. This sandwich construction is 150% stronger in tearing tests and 37% higher in tensile strength than competitors, making it the most durable ballast bag available.


Every SUMO sac is double welded to ensure a watertight seal. The tough SUMO Skin is overlapped and hot air welded. You can see the smooth and clean seams on the outside of every bag, and a second welding operation applies an inch wide sealing tape to the inside of every seam.

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Sumo Max 675LB Bow Bag
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