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A question we overlook sometimes, but is important to understand when shaping your own custom wakesurf wave. A wake is formed when the water surrounding the mass of your boat converges as the boat moves through the water. The faster the speed, the faster the water converges to fill the void that the weight of your boat makes in the water. The heavier your boat is (ballast) the deeper the boat sinks and creates a deeper hole in the water and thus creates a larger void for the water to fill after the boat moves. Tah Dah! A better wake!


As your boat sits deep in the water and moves, the water flows down the sides of your boat at an equal rate. By placing the Wakesurf Edge it channels the water flow on one side, causing the boat to yaw slightly and re-shaping that void in the water that the boat creates. Once the boat moves through the space at that angle, the water then converges at a different rate and shapes one side of the wake cleaner than the other. It’s all about how that water converges and the rate at which it collides and forms the wave.


The weight distribution in your boat will impact the shape of your wave. You can dial in your preferred wave shape by redistributing weight further forward or aft. More weight toward the stern will result in a taller/steeper wave. This wave shape is great for big surf-style airs and has plenty of “push” to keep less experienced surfers from falling out of the wave. The trade-off is less wave length to play in. More weight toward the bow will result in a longer wave at the expense of height/steepness. This wave shape is ideal for skim-style riding with lots of room to play. Try shifting the weight distribution until you find the sweet spot for your style of riding.


Use the diagram for a good starting point to attach your Wakesurf Edge. It’s important to note that when your boat is still in the water it sits at a different angle than when your boat is pulling at wake surf speed. Attach your Wakesurf Edge at a slight downward angle so it will be oriented parallel to the flow of water when the bow rises at surf speed. That will ensure that the face of the Wakesurf Edge is causing optimal water flow obstruction and forming the best possible wave shape. A good rule of thumb on how deep to attach the Wakesurf Edge is to attach it so that at least a few inches of water are flowing over top of the shaper at surf speed. Remember that the back of the boat sinks down upon acceleration.


Placing the Wakesurf Edge more forward up the boat will cause the wake to be steeper and not as long.


Placing the Wakesurf Edge all the way back on the boat will cause the wake to be longer and not as steep/tall.


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