Getting started with the Lakesurf Balance Board App.

Step 1: Install Phone Holder

Step 2: Download the App

Step 3: Enter User Settings

Creating a custom user profile will allow the app to track calories burned and accurately identify completed tricks. You'll be able to review your balance board activity data in the Stats tab in the app.

Step 4: Mirror mobile phone screen to tv

Compatibility will vary based on your tv/streaming device and phone.
Click HERE for iPhone instructions.
Click HERE for Apple Airplay 2 compatible TVs and streaming devices.
Click HERE for Android phone instructions.

If you still have questions about compatibility please contact us at and we will be happy to help.

Step 5: Select activity in app

Interactive tutorials with world champ Sean Silveira

Freeride wakesurf simulator

Skill building games

Step 6: Secure phone in holder

Step 7: Ride!

Wakesurf Balance Board and App FAQ's

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