Comparing Wakeshapers - Wakesurf Edge Pro Shaper Wins


There's a common misconception that "all wakeshapers work the same." That's about as accurate as claiming "all surfboards work the same." However we run across this statement over and over again on social media. Here's proof that not all wakeshapers are the same, and that the Wakesurf Edge Pro Shaper makes the biggest and longest wave compared to the other shapers out there. 

The organizer of the Malibu & Axis Boat Owners Page on Facebook has made a completely unbiased video showing the difference between 5 popular wakeshapers (Misison Delta, Inland Curl, Nauticurl, Wakesurf Edge, Swell). In the video below, he tests them all using the exact same setup (boat, ballast, speed, camera postion, etc.) 

We have also tested the other wakeshapers on the market, and also shown that Wakesurf Edge makes the best wave. The Wakesurf Edge and Liquid Force team have done extensive R&D, and have the only water-channeling shaper on the market. We didn't create the video below, but we like to show the wave differences in it since the creator of this video did this study independently, and without us asking him to. Since he has a relationship with all these wakeshaper manufacturers, he keeps his dialog diplomatic. However, it is easy to see from the side-by-side footage at the end of this video that Wakesurf Edge clearly makes the biggest and longest wave. 

Since the side-by-side footage of all 5 shapers is crammed into the screen at the same time, the images are small and hard to distinguish - especially if viewed from a phone. You really need to view it on a computer screen at full resolution to see the difference. The below screenshot shows that the Wakesurf Edge wave is the only wave that is taller than the horizon line, and is so long that the curl is almost out of the camera's field of view. Please click the image to open a large version of it in a new tab:

Wakesurf Edge and other competitors comparison

Here's the original video:

There really isn't any doubt that Wakesurf Edge makes the biggest wave. We've witnessed owners of Swell, Nauticurl, mission delta, and other brands try Wakesurf Edge on their boat, surf the difference, and then buy Wakesurf Edge immediately even though they already have a shaper. We rode with Misison Delta owner who said "I swear by my Mission Delta", so we let him try Wakesurf Edge to do a head-to-head competition on his boat. 10 minutes after trying Wakesurf Edge Pro, he bought one. We've heard from consumers and dealers alike who have multiple shapers, and they all tell us that Wakesurf Edge makes the best wave, further confirming all of our tests.

Wakesurf Edge vs. Inland Curl:


Regardless of whether you already have a shaper or not - when you're ready to upgrade your wave, pick up a Wakesurf Edge Pro2 Shaper from our site!

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