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Free Shipping to Continental U.S. Proudly made in the USA

Fill 'em full of rocks or sand, and slam them into any storage compartment in your boat for a massive wake. Since rock is much denser than water, you get more weight while taking up less space than water bags.

NEW: Now you can purchase pre-filled Roc Sacs! We use a dense sand/rock mix, and we’ll ship these filled 45lb bags to you for free, ready to quickly and cleanly go into your boat!

Oh - and did we mention that you can load up on Roc Sacs for a fraction of the cost of the other solid-filled ballast bags?

Roc Sacs are made out of tough welded PVC material, the same material that commercial river rafts are made out of. This means your boat's interior will be protected from the contents of your Roc Sac as you place it in your boat. This also means that Roc Sac's material is completely waterproof, unlike the soft-covers used on other solid-fill bags which usually end up growing mildew. The comfortable handle is ideally placed for easy maneuvering. By rolling the top and sealing the velcro strips, Roc Sac ensures that the contents won't spill in your boat. Roc Sac has a full 2-year warranty.

Going on a long trip and don't want to trailer all of that dead weight? No problem! Unlike other solid-filled ballast bags, Roc Sac can easily be dumped out before driving to the lake, then refilled with rocks or sand at the lake.

You'll get about 45 lbs per Roc Sac if you fill them up with rocks as shown, which makes them easy to close, carry, and maneuver - 4 Roc Sacs makes 180 lbs. You can fill them up even more, making them closer to 50 lbs each. 

You don't have to just use rocks or sand - fill them with whatever you want! Rocks, sand, metal, hopes, and dreams. For a really heavy Roc Sac, you can fill them with metal. 

A filled Roc Sac is about 14" x 12" x 3" 

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