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El Guapo

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The 2018 El Guapo by Liquid Force is the best longboard cruiser in the world of Wakesurfing! This handsome new mini longboard is all about fun cruising and style. Heavier riders can ride ropeless all day, and look good doing it! The full bodied shape and beveled rails allow for smooth effortless rides and the concave hull keeps the board humming along at a nice pace. An adjustable single center fin box lets you adjust the ride… move it forward for a looser feel or bring it back for a tighter, more driven feel. Jam a turn off the tail, get in the curl, glide, and hang 5… your summer is guaranteed to be a lot more fun with this unique shape!

2018 Liquid Force Tech Talk - El Guapo Wakesurfer from Liquid Force on Vimeo.


El Guapo
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